Time for BridgeBuilders 2013!

Finally part 2 of BridgeBuilders is on. This time fjords and mountains in rainy-cloudy Rogaland, Norway, is replaced with sunshine, holy sites, desert and a clear night sky filled with stars in Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

The program is divided into to three: Studytrip for the Norwegians, Desert Encounter for everybody in Jordan and a evaluation day/day off  for the vikings in the end.

The studytrip will introduce the participants from the north more thorughly and directly to the ongoing Israel/Palestine conflict with teaching on: Both sides perspective of the conflict, christian palestinians, messianic jews as well as field trips to a palestinian refugee camp and Yad Vashem. The participants living in the area will join the Norwegians in some parts of the program, f.x for the passover meal on Erev Pesach. As the participants are visiting the land of the Bible, what is more correct than having some excellent guiding in Jerusalem, Betlehem and Galilee. To read the beatitudes at the Mount of Beatitudes is of course compulsory: Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Matthew 5:9)

After four days, all together will take a buss to the marvellous desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan. There will be thorough teaching on issues like Our stories and God’s story, Identity in Christ, Comfort and Discomfort zones, Inner & outer change and Changing our societies. The participants will continue with listening to eachother and sharing as they discuss the different topics.  Fun activities is also on the program: jeep trip, camel tour and mountain hike. Did I forget to mention: No showers, no toilets and no wifi? Well it’s time for fellowship with the Lord Jesus and eachother. They are a part of a long tradition in meeting the Creator in the desert.

Finally the Norwegians will celebrate Easter day in the city of the resurrected One: Jesus, the Messiah. And have some time off.

Please pray for protection for participants and leaders and for God’s kingdom to come and his will to happen in everyone of the BridgeBuilders 12/13 program.